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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is cracking down on teas, supplements, creams and other products that falsely claim to cure, treat or prevent cancer, even though they are not approved drugs.  Consumers were warned against using or purchasing the products, which include tablets, teas, tonics, black salves, and creams, and are sold under various names on the Internet.   The agency sent 23 warning letters to companies and individuals marketing these products.

FDA noted that statements made about these products are dangerous because they could prevent a patient from seeking proper treatment for cancer.  They could also potentially harm a cancer patient by interacting with other drugs the patient is taking.  The letters criticized unproven claims made about these products including the ability to "destroy the enzyme on DNA responsible for cancer cells," and the power to "neutralize" carcinogens.  According to one of the FDA letters, a dubious product's website had a testimonial claiming it had cured a patient's skin cancer in three days.

The ingredients of these unproven treatments include bloodroot, shark cartilage, coral calcium, cesium, ellagic acid, and a variety of mushrooms among other products.  Officials said that if the warnings are not heeded, the agency could take action including seizure of the products and criminal prosecution.

Health fraud has been sadly been around for years, and it is a cruel form of greed.  Fraud involving cancer treatments can be especially heartless.

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{EDIT}  CNN have since reported on this issue too.

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