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By the time you all read this, I will be off somewhere on holiday for the week, or vacation as they prefer to say on this side of the pond.  Many of my consulting friends grumble about the slowdown in the summer as people take time out in July and August.  We seem to get busier!  In fact, look back, we haven't stopped since the beginning of last July when my Mother sadly and suddenly passed away.

image from This week I'm going to take some time out, honour my departed parents, decompress and reflect.  Losing both parents in some ways meant I lost my country too, which is a strange feeling.  

Still, I promised numerous friends that I would eventually stop and take some time to smell the roses.  

Please don't expect any emails, blog posts etc – like many good Europeans when we take a holiday we really do try to switch off and no, I'm NOT taking a laptop with me either.

Looking at the diary, I see there are numerous client deadlines looming on Friday and the following week, not to mention important meetings and new projects coming up.

The Icarus office will thus closed this week and reopens on Friday 9th July.

Have a great week everyone and a fun Independence Day for all my American cousins!

Photo Credit: tobchasinglight

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  1. Comprendia

    Hope you had a relaxing time Sally! We’ll miss you in the twitterverse and otherwise.

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