After a wild day yesterday once we realised Continental had mysteriously and unaccountably changed our flights to Stockholm from Weds to Weds to Thurs to Tues, it seems that Cinderella will be going to the ball after all.

European Multidisciplinary Cancer Conference (EMCC) here we come, whew!

There are a couple of sessions I’m particularly looking forward to this year:

    1. Presidential Symposium on Sat 25th with talks from some of the leading lights in translational research:
      • Tak Mak (U Toronto) on metabolism and cancer
      • Jose Baselga (MGH) on the challenges of personalised medicine
      • Gordon Mills (MDACC) on the future of personalised medicine


    1. Various abstract highlights include:
      • Update on phase II ERIVANCE data for the Hedgehog inhibitor, vismodegib, in basal cell carcinoma (see phase I data from AACR)
      • Biomarkers, including VEGF-A in the bevacizumab trials and an update on KRAS
      • Phase II T-DM1 (trastuzumab emtansine) data in breast cancer
      • Reversing drug resistance in breast cancer (Mon 27th)
      • Updated data from the phase I and III (BRIM3) studies of vemurafenib (Zelboraf) in BRAF V600E-mutation positive metastatic melanoma (will be interesting to see how this compares to the ASCO data
      • Update on therapies in prostate cancer, including new phase III Alpharadin data (see Biotech Strategy Blog)


  1. Scientific symposia on PARP inhibitors and PI3K inhibitors (both on Tues 28th). I’m gutted these two important sessions clash, as they are both key events I’d love to attend :(

All in all, it promises to be a fun and interesting meeting. For those interested, here’s the link to the full details of the EMCC programme.

Social media comes to ECCO


The official Twitter hashtag of the meeting is #emcc2011, a bit long I know, and I would much rather have the shorter, more descriptive and well known #ECCO or #ESMO, but it is a three organisation event afterall, with ECCO, ESMO and ESTRO all involved. You can also follow the EMCC conference organisers on Twitter (@EuropeanCancer).

This inevitably creates branding issues given it seems everyone in the industry has been seemingly asking me over the last two weeks if I’m going to ECCO or ESMO in equal measures! None outside of Twitter have mentioned EMCC at all. Ah well.