After seeing the recent calls for submission of blogs to the submitting to the Cancer Research Blog Carnival – I sort of ignored it thinking well, I hadn't written anything outstanding for a while and there were better qualified people than me out there to comment.
Imagine my surprise when Walter Jesson at
Highlight Health, included my recent article on the potential link between Vytorin and cancer in the event!
Walter kicked off the carnival with a simple, yet impactful message:

"Everyone knows that cancer is a devastating disease.
What many people don't know is that cancer kills more than 1,500 people
a day; that's one person every minute. Tonight, Stand Up To Cancer, a
one-hour fundraising event, will be simulcast on all three major U.S.
networks. The goal of Stand Up To Cancer
(SU2C) is to enable cutting-edge research aimed at finding a cure to
all types of cancer and making cancer part of the national debate."

Thank you, Walter, for including my blog, it is much appreciated.
Folks, go and check out
the articles in the cancer research blogosphere, they're certainly interesting reading.

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