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Alan Webber in his book Rules of Thumb came up with a startling rule that made me sit up and pay attention.  In it he essentially said keep two

  • One that holds what gets you up in the morning
  • One for what
    keeps you up at night.

"Managers and leaders have got to know
themselves before they know their businesses. They've got to have
passion for their work and concern for their world. Otherwise they're
just punching the time clock and risking everyone's future."

That made me think and focus. 

I love what I do, getting up in the morning is rarely a problem and enjoy working with a lot of fun people in the Pharma and Biotech industry on cool and interesting projects.

Quieting my brain and getting to sleep is another matter entirely.  With the economy in the tank, I worry about my mother as she slips into the twilight of her life with the accompanying physical deterioration, my little brother who is finding business very hard right now and friends who are less fortunate and have been laid off.  Some 50,000 jobs have been lost in the Pharma industry alone over the last 18 months, leaving fewer, more stressed people doing yet more work.

LOUISVILLE, KY - SEPTEMBER 20: Amy Mickelson ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I try to stay positive, but it isn't always possible. 

And then you hear the tragic news that Phil Mickelson's young wife, Amy, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  That puts things into perspective and my thoughts are with her and husband who has just left the PGA tour.

What about you?

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  1. Mr. Gunn

    Maybe I’ll try to compile one of those lists, Sally, and I’ll share it when I do.

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