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These pictures were taken from a basic point and shoot camera on a business trip to Milan, Italy.  

Away from the hurly burly of life and meetings, it is sometimes good to find time to reflect and recharge the batteries.  The trip allowed me space to be absorbed in new scenery, sights and sounds and yet, all the while, my brain was subconsciously creating new ideas.  Some were captured in my trusty moleskine, others live on in the photos, since they trigger the memories of the moment.  
These creative thoughts have since formed the backbone of some new company projects we are rolling out and also working with various partners on.
When was the last time you allowed time for reflection and renewal?  What do things do you to stimulate creativity?

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One Response to “Quiet reflection is sometimes a good thing…”

  1. Vincent

    Well, one thing I do to stimulate creativity is to read blogs like yours, and then argue with their authors. Arguing is my way of agreeing with people, I think.
    But then, as a retired man, I rarely have to attend meetings or confront the hurly-burly.
    It’s nice that you have placed your footprint in that other place of Steve’s! Hope to see many more.

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