We regularly conduct market research for our Pharma, Biotech & Medical Device clients by telephone or email.  Often, products in development, new indications or initial market entries require some quick customer feedback that helps guide and direct a larger study or provide new insights for their strategic planning process.  The products being tested made involve drugs, vaccines, devices or new technology approaches.

If you are a physician or surgeon and would like to participate in these studies, do email us and let us know your contact details, specialty and sub-specialty.  All information is kept confidential and all doctors receive an honoraria for any work undertaken.  We are always looking for new perspectives or people with experience in different areas.

All research is aggregated and anonymised; there is no link to individuals but quotes may be used (anonymously) to illustrate points in a report.

Not all our research is US focused, so we are particularly keen to build up our contacts in other countries for our global clients. 

If you would like to participate, drop us a line today; we look forward to hearing from you!

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