This morning I was experimenting with one of my favourite tools, Google Insights, and was researching global healthcare trends. 

The US debate is centred around Washington DC and the government, but it is interesting that the 'noisiest' cities outside of the capital appear to be Atlanta, Boston, St Louis and Philadelphia, which probably would not be the ones I would have thought of initially:

Picture 53

Of course, it is no surprise that it's a such a big trending topic in the US
with the national debate on the Obama health and universal plan currently raging,
but it's also trending strongly in other countries as you can see in the chart

Picture 52

The overall Indian trend looks like this, with a short term forecast based on the available data:

Drilling down further into the Indian subcontinent data, we find that 3 areas are generating much of the discussion and noise around the healthcare topic:

Picture 54

Bangalore, the Karnataka region, is the home of many Indian Pharma and generic companies as well as being renowned as a technology hub.

If anyone knows what the hot topics are in India and Malaysia, I'd love
to know; perhaps you can share your thoughts in the comments section