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Now, while this is a necessarily simplistic view and one person's interpretation, it does provide a visual story to help people understand the basics of the proposed Government changes, whether or not you agree with them:

Of course, no system is perfect but trying to figure out what the proposals actually mean and how they may affect us without being influenced by hype and misinformation is tough enough.  If anyone has any thoughts or comments, please feel free to add them below.

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2 Responses to “US Healthcare on a napkin”

  1. Pharma Ed

    Anyone thats struggling to keep up with the current healthcare debate needs to read this! The way I see it, there’s simply not enough options on the table, if co ops and public insurance are off, then less restrictive private insurance is the only option, meaning that insurance premiums are likely to rise a considerable amount, unless external factors such as Pharma decide to lower costs. Unlikely?

  2. Dava

    That is the best explanation of the debate I have seen or heard so far – and it’s entertaining. I especially like the one at the end that asks if it is better to shout or to think. Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing.

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