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The tough get going.

Can you imagine anything simpler? 

Get a team of 30 people together and ride 25 miles in support of Tufts Cancer Centre for Research in support of kid's cancer with a goal of raising $10K.

And then you are faced with weather like this:


And a start line like this:


And a very soggy finish line like this:


Yikes!  This is the incredible story of my Twitter buddies with the heart of gold @stales and @lilpecan.  I've been following both for a little while now.  @stales is a 3 time cancer survivor herself, yet both give selflessly in the cause to help others.  Here's @stales herself on the left – isn't she charming?


I followed their progress via Twitter and Posterous after sponsoring them myself on Saturday.  How could one not, especially in that stinking weather?

It was gratifying to see them finish safe and sound and tonight watch a cute video of thanks from a child at Tufts:

So here's the deal. These lovely ladies are a few dollars short of their goal. I don't normally mention fund raisers on this blog but a) they're friends and b) it's a great cause!

Every $5 counts, so who would like to help the lovely ladies and Tufts Cancer Center for Children in the Cycle for Life? 
If you feel like joining in the fun, you can chip in here and make their valiant efforts all the more worthwhile.

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  1. LilPecan

    You are a fabulous friend and a gift to cancer patients, survivors and their families. Works can’t sufficiently thank you!

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