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One of the things about running a consulting company is that life is more like a roller coaster than comfy slippers by the fire.  The workload is extremely uneven and veers between insanely busy and very quiet, with little in between.  As Kipling said, one should treat the two imposters the same and make the most of each.  Here at Icarus, we've been insanely busy since my mother unexpectedly passed away on July 6th and we're still busy now while all around us clients are taking their much needed time off over the Holidays.

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Thankfully, a quieter inbox means less urgent demands and allows more time for reflection and analysis, as we have several reports due the first week of January, so not much opportunity for slacking here.  Aside from finishing off 2009 projects, we're also spending some time thinking about new ideas for collaboration projects in 2010 and some exciting new services we'll be rolling out to help our Pharma new product development and marketing clients too.  It's easy to forget that it's not about the technology per se, but the benefits tools bring and how they can be used to make a difference.

This weekend we had a huge snow dump on the East Coast and while many were stressed with flights and travel arrangements or digging their cars out of several feet of snow, one of my fellow consultant Twitter buddies, Steve Woodruff, posted this joyful video of his one year old pup gamboling wildly in the snow with great energy.  I loved it; the unbridled enthusiasm reminded me exactly how I feel about understanding the science and biology of disease:

Don't you just love the joy she brings?  Thank you Mystic for brightening my day!

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  1. Ann Godridge

    Wow, I love that energy – what a cute pup.
    Mystic is a lovely name too, although I do have visions of people giving one strange looks as one calls the dog back walking on the downs 😉
    Good luck with the plans for the new year, sounds very exciting

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