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One of my Twitter buddies, Dr Bertalan Mesko (@Berci) has built a superb collection of RSS aggregators, catchily called PeRSSonalized Medicine, on his Webicina site around different medical topics a broad range of topics including diabetes, depression, cancer, psoriasis, nephrology etc. He graduated from medical school last year (while running ScienceRoll and Webicina!) and is now a qualified doctor with a strong interest in genetics as well as research in psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Here's the full list you can choose from:

Picture 80

More recently, he extended this excellent theme and launched his Pharma resource as you can see at the bottom of the above checklist.  Here's the Pharma site in more detail:

Picture 79
As you can see from the screen shot above, it includes
medical journals, blogs, news and web 2.0 tools shared via various Pharma bloggers on Twitter; all the content is efficiently organised alphabetically.

Of course, I was delighted to see this humble little blog included, but do check Berci's excellent resource out because it's well worth looking at. You can also follow him on Twitter for more regular updates. The site is free, just sign up and away you go. 

Overall: It is a well executed and nicely curated medical site for physicians and patients alike – great job, Berci!

{Disclosure: This website, Pharma Strategy Blog, is included in the Pharma site I just reviewed and I am therefore undoubtedly biased in reviewing PeRRSonalised Pharma, but please do check it out and see for yourselves what can be achieved with medical information and web 2.0 tools.  If more pharma sponsored sites had half a much independently curated and unbiased information, they would probably do very well.}

2 Responses to “PeRSSonalized Pharma”

  1. Bertalan Mesko, MD

    Thank you, Sally, for the review! I’m very glad you liked Webicina.
    One minor comment: You don’t even have to register to use the service. But if you do so, your settings will certainly be saved.

  2. MaverickNY

    Berci, I love the service and use it regularly myself! The pathology one was particularly useful for understanding some topics, for example.
    Good point about registration: of course, I originally registered to read your early modules, but nice that you provide access without it.
    What new modules do you have planned for the future?

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