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The blog post the other day about how video is a much underused tool in healthcare and medical education sparked an interesting debate. 

And then this morning, one of my Twitter buddies, Hank Heyming, tweeted something awesome that just blew my mind.

Take a look at this:

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

You can find out more here.  It's called g-speak and it's a spatial operating environment; all it might take is some imagination and creativity to use in the medical space.

Imagine being at a Pharma exhibit booth and playing with a version that allows HCP's to learn and explore the complex pathways involved in cancer, or any part of the body for how diseases occur and how they can be addressed by therapy?

Imagine being overwhelmed with the possibilities of what you could do with such a tool?  My mind boggles with all sorts of ideas.  I'm sure you can see many too, for researchers, for physicians, for patients and caregivers… 

Sometimes we forget that we're only limited by our imagination and not the technology.

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  1. David Kruesemann

    Maybe you should check Microsofts “Project Natal” for XBOX – a similar but rather advanced approach, compared to g-speak..

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