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Tomorrow, I will be in Princeton, NJ for a one day meeting focused on addressing the Current and Innovative Imaging Biomarkers in Neurology and Oncology Drug Development, hosted by Bioclinica.  

If you have any questions about the event, please send a tweet to @maverickNY and I will do my best to answer them on Twitter. Comments on this widget will not be monitored until the end of the day as wifi and internet access is likely to be limited and I'll be tweeting from my iPhone.

If interested, you can follow the synopsis from the live tweets below by clicking on the Play triangle:  

The event will involve some interesting speakers including the following:

Cornelis van Kuijk, MD, PhD 

– Professor and Chair Department of Radiology, VU University Medical Center 

Frederik Barkhof, MD, PhD 

– Professor in Neuroradiology
Radiology and Image Analysis Centre, VU University Medical Center 

 Adriaan A. Lammertsma, MD, PhD 

– Professor of medical physics and positron emission tomography (PET)
Nuclear Medicine & PET Research, VU University Medical Center 

 Ali Guermazi, MD 

– Professor of Radiology
Director of Quantitative Imaging Center
Boston University School of Medicine
Section Chief, Musculoskeletal Imaging, Boston Medical Center

3 Responses to “Bioclinica biomarker symposium in oncology and neurology #bioc”

  1. Berci Mesko

    Do you think there are social media tools that might be helpful in biomarker research?
    Thank you!

  2. MaverickNY

    Hi Berci,
    I think one of the things that strikes me is how much data is slowly beginning to coalesce in the area of biomarkers.
    Tools that I personally find useful are things like
    – Delicious Tag clouds around keywords to see what others are sharing in the area
    – Twitter for search (found several important things on KRAS in colon or lung cancer in the past)
    – Friendfeed (a mine of information in various science groups)
    Other things I find useful are Google Docs for collaborating and sharing of information between people remotely, Zotero for article and paper management, which can then be added to Google Docs and shared.
    New web 2.0 search tools abound such as Surchur and others – I use them to find new stuff on biomarkers every week, for example.
    Twitter also tells me when people are hosting a webinar on cancer biomarkers that I might be interested in listening to… the list is endless.
    If anyone has others to share, please do add them below.

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