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It's been a frantic week on the work front and today was no different, but I wanted to highlight a really interesting slide from the BMS pipeline presentation yesterday afternoon.

Here's one of the slides Elliot Sigal, President of R&D, showed from one of the ipilimumab trials.  More data may be available at ASCO if the submitted abstract is accepted, but for now, even though it's only an n of 1, a picture tells a thousand words:

Picture 29
Source: BMS

After all the recent good news about malignant melanoma, hopefully at least one of these promising agents will make it to market in the not too distant future, offering people suffering with the condition a glimmer of hope.  I sincerely hope the CTLA4 results turn out to be durable.

In the meantime, we can all wonder until June, when the annual ASCO meeting will held.


2 Responses to “Ipilimumab from BMS looks like an interesting new melanoma drug”

  1. Jerome DeWitte

    Thankyou BMS for giving me HOPE. I am in 4th stage Melanoma and getting
    treated at Karmanos Cancer Center, Detroit.
    Jerome DeWitte

  2. behnamarasteh

    Dear all
    My father has Melanoma. we are wondering about the effects of Ipilimumab. I will be thankful if anyone give me some info about the price of this new drug, its real efficacy, and the place where we can purchase it. we are not from Us or EU but from Asia.
    my Email:

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