Today I took some time out for rest and relaxation as it was a gorgeous Spring afternoon in New York City.

Walking from the World Trade Center, up the West Side Highway and then along the Highline between W12th and 23rd Streets was great fun.

On the way back, you could feel the energy of a city awakening from hibernation and the frozen tundra of winter. Joggers, cyclists, walkers and bladers all sharing the mixed use space in harmony.

Sitting on a park bench watching the tennis players shake of rust while feeling the sun’s gentle rays made me realise what a beautiful world it is.

Sometimes, just thinking about nothing quietens the mind and sharpens focus.

How many people actually stop to think and reflect on their marketing efforts rather than rush pell mell into getting things done?

When in the corporate world, some of the best customers insights I ever gained came at odd moments of reflection, while sitting in Starbucks watching the slanted patterns of light through the window or when sitting on a park bench watching the world go by.  Obtuse thoughts sudden come to you in a moment of inspiration.

Perhaps this is a reflection of those precious Zen moments when you manage to quieten the soul and voice within.

Taking time out to sharpen the mental saw is also a good idea, whether you’re a marketer or whatever cool job you do.  When did you last have fun?