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The other week someone asked me why I do so much work specialising in oncology and cancer, which admittedly can sometimes bring more sad news than good.  

I answered simply: "because I'm a crazy deranged fool!"

image from www.gapingvoidgallery.comSource: Hugh

I follow Hugh MacLeod's cartoons daily and also subscribe to his excellent newsletter.  On bad days he keeps me sane, on good days I laugh out loud.

What on earth is a 'crazy deranged fool' you may be wondering?

According to Hugh:

"A CDF is my term for somebody like me, i.e. somebody who actually has the temerity to TRY to do what he loves for a living, as opposed to shlepping for his daily crust."

Running a consulting business and going to many scientific and cancer meetings has it's benefits – one of them is realising you're getting paid for doing something you love and have a lot of enthusiasm for.

Making sense of data is fun; finding patterns and trends amongst a mass of information on a huge variety of different cancers is sometimes like unravelling DNA.

Are you a crazy deranged fool?

2 Responses to “Are you a crazy deranged fool (CDF)?”

  1. SBE

    I feel like a CDF, and I’m glad that you verbalized my feelings so well 🙂

  2. blogaceutics

    Yes, I totally agree! You only live once and you’d better love what you do. It’s a must to try it. It is worth the effort. We should keep it in mind and not forget it. Thanks for the post.

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