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One of the things about oncology or any other therapeutic are new product development and marketing is that you get to spend a LOT of time at scientific congresses like AACR in DC the other week, which means early to rise and late to sleep:

Source: Personal iPhone – view of over the Potamac and Georgetown, DC from Arlington, VA. 

Anyone who thinks these meetings are junkets or jollies should join me on my schedule next trip;sometimes there isn't time to eat or by the time you do have a free slot it's too late.  Often, it means 18 hour days and a day back in the office is a relative rest.  There's always thought leaders to talk to, sessions to attend, media briefings, poster sessions (you can walk miles at those alone), plenaries etc, not to mention clients as well.  Fitting it all in makes for jam packed days.

The interesting thing about new data though, is that while trends may be obvious to those following the specific disease area, they are not to others.  I always find it amusing watching the teams of young things running around with their crib sheets frantically collecting poster handouts, rudely barging past people and trying to discreetly snap the posters without security catching them.  

In DC, I asked one what they did with all the data they amassed.  It turns out they just dump it all in a report for their client by whatever category seems apt.  No strategic analysis, what it all means or even trend spotting, just a data dump.  Ugh.

Sometimes less really is more.

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  1. MaverickNY

    Hah, the Apple logo in the sky is the reflection of the back of my iPhone on the hotel window!

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