It's turning out to be a busy week already.  After two days in Boston, today I'm off to the Sentiments Analysis Symposium in New York, where I'm presenting a lighting 5 minute talk on sentiments analysis in Pharma.  

We've been working on some cool tools in our spare time and have started rolling out some analysis in different cancer types such as renal cell and sarcoma as the first examples using an automatic sentiment lens. The presentation today will look at an immune disorder, Lupus, as an example.  The technology is something we're very excited about and look forward to posting about this as it evolves.

Oddly, I've discovered that it took longer and more effort to condense some thoughts and ideas simply into a 5 minute vignette than it does for a 30 minute presentation!

The meeting is being held at the Executive Conference Center in Midtown at 1601 Broadway, so do stop by if you're interested in this fascinating area.