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Loved this cartoon from Hugh Macleod at Gaping Void that just arrived in my mail box:

Source: Gaping Void

In many ways, this is what drug development can look like on a day to day basis. Scientists repeating experiments, project teams holding endless meetings etc, that sometimes it's hard to see which in a portfolio of agents might actually make it through to market and which will fail along the journey.

Still, eventually, some of those small rocks reach enough critical mass (data) and actually do tip over the edge to be successfully commercialised.  

After all, that's what we all live for – the few that make it to market and make a real difference to the lives of people with cancer.

Celebrate Sisyphus today – it's not the fancy silver lures or cool new toys that makes the difference in the end, but the steadfast daily grind through R&D that eventually pays off big time for everyone.

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