For all those that asked, my series on learnings from AACR in biomarkers and diagnostics will post Mon-Weds next week as today is heavily tied up with client projects and deadlines.

While I was in Denver, another meeting was taking place in Philadelphia of an entirely different nature, e-patient Connections, hosted by Kevin Kruse of Kru Research.  

For those of you interested in finding out more about this interesting event, here are some resources:

  1. Eileen O'Brien of SirenSong posted an excellent summary of the meeting
  2. Leigh Householder of What's your digital IQ live blogged the event and I particularly enjoyed reading her post on What physicians think of e-Patients. 
  3. Pixels and Pills posted a very moving short interview with artist and poet, Regina Holliday, who vividly reminded us that patients are people.

They're all well worth checking out.

(Hat tip to Phil Baumann for pointing out Regina to me, she's a star)