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I’ve arrived at ESMO a little weary from the red eye to Milan from New York and looking forward to an interesting meeting.

Several blog readers have already come up to say hello so if you’re here, don’t be shy – do introduce yourselves!

The industry symposia are tomorrow (Friday) but I’m particularly looking forward to the prostate cancer session on Monday. We should get to see what the Cougar/JNJ abiraterone data looks like in taxane refractory castration resistant prostate cancer. It’s not often when we hear of 3 major improvements in overall survival in one tumour in a year, making 2010 a very interesting area for this disease with the earlier approvals of Provenge and Jevtana.

It’s going to a fun meeting. Watch this space over the weekend for highlights.

ESMO, Milano 2010

4 Responses to “ESMO, Milano 2010”


    I always think having a meeting in Milan can be distracting. How can you possibly associate Milan with cancer? lol. Still, looking forward to reading your posts from Italy.

  2. MaverickNY

    Hey Chefsie, welcome back!
    Actually, what’s interesting about Milan and Italy in general is how many people smoke. Maybe I’ve been away for too long, but every time I come back, it really strikes me.
    I wonder if lung cancer or COPD is higher in Continental Europe than the USA?

  3. MaverickNY

    Ah the hashtag is a great point, Andrew.
    @myesmo have thankfully announced that the official hashtag is #esmo not #esmo10, which is mercifically 2 characters shorter and quicker when tweeting!
    No doubt people will use either though.

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