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Recently, the limitations of the current blogging platform have become apparent when we started to consider the idea of adding some new features to the blog such as podcasts, video interviews, newsletters etc. A number of readers have also requested more extensive downloadable reports for purchase, so this is something we will be able to do in the near future through a more secure site.

The time has now come to move to a new platform.

This weekend we plan on making the transfer after practising with two other blogs, so Pharma Strategy Blog will take it's turn and will be down temporarily while we make the hosting changes.

Hopefully, it will be business as usual on Monday morning using the same url with no technical glitches!

We apologise in advance for any downtime on Sat and Sun, but see y'all on the other (brighter) side after the weekend!

6 Responses to “Pharma Strategy Blog is moving!”

  1. Bruce M. Lehr

    Good Luck with the move Sally. I hope you don’t spend too much time away on the blog this weekend at the expense of FF team. We’ll look for newer, better, brighter toy on Monday

  2. MaverickNY

    Many thanks for the kind wishes, Alicia and Bruce. I confess that I’m not the webmaster doing the transfer – my colleague who writes the companion Biotech Strategy Blog is the man behind the geekiness.
    What I should have said though, is that the url will remain the same, it’s just a more modern look and feel that will emerge next week.

  3. Martin Fenner

    Sally, I like the new look of your blog. And I like WordPress as a blogging platform – my blog moved to WordPress in September. Please let me know what widgets you find useful, e.g. your experience with Disqus.

    • maverickny

      Hi Martin,

      I love the Disqus platform as it allows me to be free from the tyranny of comment moderation :). It worked beautifully on my Tumblog but I never managed to get it working on Typepad, which is the main reason for switching to WordPress.

      Other plugins and widgets I like so far are the Broken Link plugin (hah, over a 100 with the switch), WPTouch (creates an easy to read mobile version for PDAs), TweetMeme (widget) and Social Media (widget) as that creates easily customizable icons for other sites like the one on the top right.

      Have yet to figure out how to change the default font in either the blog or Disqus though 🙂

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