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As promised, over the weekend we changed hosts and this blog is now live in it’s new home.  We hope you like the new look and feel, which will continue to improve over time.

The archives and categories on the right will help you find old posts via a drop down menu or you can use the Search button under the Contact Us icons in the top right.  Some new tools have been added, such as the little E-mail icon, also on the top right.  Please do keep your suggestions for new posts and discussion ideas coming, they are much appreciated and I do try to act on them whenever possible.

We will be adding a short occasional newsletter service after conferences, which you will be able to sign up for in the Newsletter section at the top – it isn’t live yet, but we’ll be adding a means to add your E-mail for subscriptions very soon.  Those who are current blog subscribers will also need to sign up as we respect your privacy and won’t be assuming that everyone is interested!

For those of you who bookmarked the blog in your browser it should still work, but the RSS feed has changed and you may need to check that it still works.  To ensure you don’t miss your daily dose of Pharma Strategy Blog you can subscribe easily by clicking here.

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