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By popular request, we are now rolling out the PSB conference newsletter.

This will be an occasional event that will be sent out after some scientific meetings we’ve attended.  They will contain snippets and summaries of data or new drug classes that we found interesting and worth highlighting and will be an adjunct to the blog, so you won’t get the same things twice 🙂

The first one will roll out by the end of this week and cover last week’s meeting from AACR on colorectal cancer biology.

You can sign up in the side bar on the top right —->

If you are a subscriber for this blog, you still need to opt-in to receive the newsletter. Sorry for the inconvenience, but personally, I hate it when people use my email address to send me things I didn’t request, so the same courtesy is extended to every one here too.

If you wish to stop receiving the newsletter, you can easily unsubscribe with 1-click.

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    • maverickny

      Mike, thanks for the reminder – we’re currently in the process of switching email delivery systems for this service.  They should roll out very soon.  You will receive an email asking you to opt-in to the new service.

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