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Maybe two feet under snow really, judging by my back yard, which is largely sheltered and not prone to drifts. It looks like a pristine Winter Wonderland.

For once, the weathermen were right when they said a blizzard was coming.  Twitter and Foursquare are abuzz with people signing in or tweeting about #snowpocalypse2010, #snomageddon or #snomg in jest, but really it’s just a lot of noise about the first snowfall of the season.

The result out front on the street is a big mess though, as the howling wind, drifting snow and snow ploughs have created huge 6ft ridges behind which are parked cars in igloo like humps.  Glad I parked on the left hand side to avoid that conundrum 😉

Still, there is a good two feet plus on the path and pavement, so shovelling it all will be the highest priority today.

Wherever you all are in the world, stay warm and dry.  I’ll leave you with an old post on the ipilimumab data to contemplate some thoughts, since this will be a hot topic of discussion in January with the FDA ODAC meeting scheduled for the beginning of Feb.

It will also soon be time for the annual year in review for 2010 and predictions for 2011 posts coming up.  What were your big events in cancer this year?  Do let me know if you have any predictions for next year in the comments below.

4 Responses to “Six feet under – snowpocalypse 2010”

  1. Thegedster

    Hi, Hope you’re surviving the snow on your side of the Atlantic! My prediction for 2011 involves the PARP inhibitor iniparib (BSI-201). We should see their phase III triple negative breast cancer data next year (ASCO?), and I think it could trigger a quick submission and approval for the drug – the first PARP to gain approval!

    • maverickny

      Hi there Gedster, yes we’re doing fine on this side of the pond, a few more local colour shots can be found on my Flickr stream here:

      Glad you mentioned iniparib as I hear the updated phase II data from ESMO is due out soon in the NEJM so I’ll post on that when it publishes. It certainly looks like being an interesting drug for a difficult to treat subset of breast cancer.

  2. STP

    Hope youre having a wonderful time in winter wonderland. Stuck in jolly old England for another 2 days and lucky to get out then. Heathrow closed a few days last week and no flights to Newark Sunday or yesterday.

    • maverickny


      Good to hear you’re enjoying the good ol’ Blighty, hope it is not too cold and windy there. You seem to be doing jolly well just missing the big storms of late, but oh boy, the mess they leave in their wake… Will send you something to read to while away the plane hours 😉


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