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Tell us what you would like to read more about in 2011. The following short survey is anonymous

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3 Responses to “Pharma Strategy Blog Reader Survey”

  1. Kelly A Barrett

    I voted “science,” mostly because I think that there are very few blogs and bloggers out there that are able to really put the scientific language into manageable terms. I am interested in learning more about the topics you have covered before, including cancer and RNAi therapies to treat other diseases, but it’s hard to really find anywhere that can explain the actual science behind those topics, or if they do it is very much over my head. If you ever come across really great videos that demonstrate the science behind these therapeutics, as well, that would be help too, I think. Thanks!

    Kelly Barrett

  2. Drainage surveys

    I think “nothing needs to be changed since the mix is about right.” Your site should develope its own identity and post well-written interesting articles in order to get lot of readers. Good luck!

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