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Today, I’m heading off to San Francisco for the AACR Special Conference on Targeting PI3-Kinase and mTOR in cancer.  For those of you needing a brief primer on the pathway, you can find more about it in this 2010 post, which vies with one about ipilimumab in melanoma as the top two posts on Pharma Strategy since the end of October.

You can view the PI3K-mTOR program here.

I’m really excited to be attending this event – a lot of the ‘big guns’ in the PI3-kinase field are speaking at this event, including Lewis Cantley, Jeffrey Engelman, David Sabatini, Carlos Arteaga, Neal Rosen, Gordon Mills and many others.

There are also presentations from scientists at various Pharma and Biotech companies with PI3-kinase inhibitors in development, so it won’t just be about the basic translational research per se, but also about how the R&D is progressing to date with new therapeutics.

If anyone is at the meeting, please do stop and say hello – it’s always nice to meet readers in person – I bumped into a few at last weeks ASCO/ASTRO/SUO GU cancers symposium, for example.

I’ll be tweeting a few snippets from the conference, including tonight’s keynote by Jose Baselga (Mass General Hospital), but excluding unpublished data, under the hashtag #PI3K.  The aggregated tweets from that hashtag will be captured between now and Saturday in the widget below for easy following for those remote and interested in this sub-specialty:

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