Today is Friday and I try to post something lighthearted and fun at the end of a busy week.  With that in mind, someone sent me this great link to Kids Kicking Cancer.  As someone who experienced a childhood cancer, I can identify with this awesome concept – help the kids feel victors not victims:

Kids Kicking Cancer

They have some great use of social media tools to spread their message and provide links to inspiring stories about the Kids.  There is a Facebook Page and a YouTube channel, for example.  After watching one of their their videos, I simply couldn’t resist sharing a genuine feel-good story about what their vision is:

“Kids Kicking Cancer uses martial arts breathing, meditation and imagery techniques to ease the pain of very sick children while empowering them to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Our mantra of “Power Peace Purpose” allows the children to know that they are victors not victims. In turn they teach adults, corporations and other children how to control stress, pain, fear and anger.

When they hear from the Hollywood superstars that “you boys and girls are the real heroes” it helps them to recognize that they really do have the enormous power to bring themselves to an inner healing peace.”

Check out this short inspiring video and spread a little happiness…

Many of us live busy stressful lives and forget to nurture the spirit and mindfulness to decompress from the hurly burly of life.  I was therefore really pleased to see that there is also a an iPhone app and Blackberry app that are worth checking out for breathing exercises to manage stress for everyone, not just kids, as well.  Do check them out and share them with your family and friends!