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Some light hearted amusement for today is in order after the levity and gravity of the weekend.   One of my favourite Twitter buddies, Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) the tech geek, is always sharing cool stuff for people to try.  I noticed he posted a link to a new social media beta service,, which creates a tag cloud of a user’s tweets.

Robert’s tag cloud looks like this, for example:

To create your tag cloud, simply go to and authenticate the service using your Twitter username and password.  It then creates the graphic automatically, with the most commonly used words in a bigger font size.

Here’s my tag cloud as another example:

As other people join, it will also show your Twitter connections with their avatar (photo) and their tag clouds as they are created.  Very useful tool for seeing what people’s interests are and, presumably, something that will change organically if your tweets vary over time.

The tool will also show you some basic metrics, such as information about your followers and what their interests are based on their Twitter bio tags.  I was guessing that most of mine would come from the healthcare space: metrics

Your results may vary depending upon your interests and followers.

There are other metrics you can look at as well, such as rankings within your interests, but I’m not sure how this works yet: rankings

This feature is a little weird – some famous biotech companies are ranked lower than me and a bot tweeting people’s resumes is at the top of the biotech category, for example! That certainly gave me a smile for the morning 🙂

The good news is that tweeted that they will be adding more features over time, so it should be a useful feature to follow and explore.



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