Every year I attend a numerous annual meetings associated with oncology and hematology, but the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) event in April is one of my personal favourites.

It may be April Fool’s Day today, but this meeting is no joke – it’s for serious cancer researchers and a lot of fun to boot!

I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of people and catching up on the latest research advances. Last year, there was a credible number of us tweeting different sessions, around 130 of us in fact, from the CoverItLive statistics I collated from last year’s meeting.   This year the hashtag continues to be #aacr so you can follow along remotely, join in with questions and thoughts or tweet from some of the sessions. The sentiments are collated in the widget below for easy reading, so do check back periodically if you want to get a feel of what’s going on in Orlando this year:

You can also follow the sessions more easily from the online schedule that AACR have made available. In addition, they have also got an awesome lineup of podcasts and webcasts for those who cannot attend to follow remotely – check out the tools and services here.

Check back tomorrow, as I’ll be posting about the daily highlights from the meeting.

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