Love this video from TEDxOverlake, where Dr Jack West (Swedish) describes what he is doing with his excellent forum and site, the Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education (GRACE).  Currently, the main focus is on his specialty, Lung Cancer, but more tumour types are planned in the near future.

Jack talks about how physician led sites can actively and effectively reach out in a many-to-many fashion to improve education and learning, rather than in the traditional one-to-one fashion seen in a consultation.

He uses a great example of how a young patient with lung cancer was empowered to seek out better care for his condition and ended up in the crizotinib trial for ALK+ non-small cell lung cancer…

Check it out – it’s a compelling and very powerful story:

If you can’t see the video in your email subscription, you can find it here.


Disclosure: I’m an unpaid member of the GRACE Advisory Board (so of course, I will be biased 😉