Folks, here’s a quick update on kaizen (continuous improvement) for Pharma Strategy Blog.  Following several reader requests, I’ve been doing some improvements on the blog as follows:

  1. Google Translate widget added to enable easy reading in other languages – click the buttons in the right hand column to do this –>
  2. Sharing posts to LinkedIn – added a more user-friendly sharing tool at the top of each post to enable sharing and liking of posts with others to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  If you enjoy reading any of the posts, please feel free to share them with others.
  3. Added a Google Search tool in the top right hand column for those interested in searching for information more easily in the archives.

In addition, the terms of use have been updated.  If you are providing services to pharma or biotech companies and want to share our information or insights, please do so with attribution. It isn’t cool to claim other people’s stuff as your own, and yes, they do notice!

The conference schedule has been updated. For those interested, PSB will be off to European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) meeting being held in Stockholm next month.  It looks like it will be an interesting event this year – ECCO and ESMO alternate in different years and I very much enjoyed the ESMO meeting in Milano last year.

For those wishing to meet up in person or need help with oncology-related consulting projects, please do feel free to contact me using the email icon at the top of the right hand column.

Once the ECCO abstracts are available, we will be doing a new vlog of what-to-watch-for (W2W4) in terms of likely highlights, so watch this space for updates!