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Labor Day heralds the end of summer, not just calendar-wise, but also metaphorically in terms of the tsunami of emails and meetings that appeared out of nowhere that many grudgingly return to.

The autumn conference season will soon be in full swing, with a number of key meetings coming up in the next month or two.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Harris

September will see us at several meetings, big and small, including the ECCO/ESMO/ESTRO conference now known as the European Multidisciplinary Cancer Conference (EMCC) from 23-27th.  No doubt industry people will take a while to switch from the well known ECCO and ESMO monikers that alternate each year.

There was some confusion over the hashtag, first it was #stockholm2011, which is not helpful in what the meeting was about and now #EMCC2011, which is better but still rather long.  Personally, I would have preferred #ECCO11 or #EMCC11 as the extra two characters make a huge difference when you only have 140 characters (or less if you include your handle and want Retweets), not to mention the speed of typing in a live session. #EMCC would have been even better, being both short and descriptive – Twitter only saves tweets that last 8 days or so, thus including the year is superfluous and a waste of precious characters.  Never mind, perhaps it will be #ESMO next year for simplicity and clarity 🙂

I plan on posting the usual tweet tracker before the event for those interested in following the conversations remotely.  We will be in Stockholm checking out what’s going on in oncology this year, so will tweet interesting snippets as they happen.

Currently, I’m reviewing the EMCC schedule and will post a pre-conference video highlights soon, discussing what I think will be hot topics from the meeting.  We also plan another highlights video from the meeting once data has been presented and will also post daily updates here on the blog where possible.

Having never been to Stockholm before, I’m really looking forward to it, but am under no illusions that we will actually see much of the place, beautiful though it may be!  It sounds an exotic locale compared to the grime of the NY metro area, but seriously, I rarely get to sightsee at these events, being far too busy running around from session to session to catch all the pipeline data and key presentations for our conference coverage.

If anyone else is going to ECCO, oops EMCC, and would like to meet up, please do let me know (you can email me by clicking on the beige Mail icon in the top right column) or say hello at the event.  It’s always nice to meet readers.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the program, do feel fire away in the Comments section below and I will do my best to answer them either now or from the meeting.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Harris via Flickr

2 Responses to “Fall Conference season: European Multidisciplinary Cancer Conference”

  1. Ian

    Good comments Sally: why don’t conference managers understand Twitter technicals?

    You’ll find Stockholm rather “flat” compared to New York: the highest thing in the old town being the Royal Palace. Wonderfully clean but also very expensive (you could buy a brewery in NY for what you’ll pay for a beer in Sweden), and lots of pickled fish – yes, even for breakfast.

    Have a great trip and conference

    • maverickny

      Hi Ian,

      Many thanks for the recommendation of the Royal Palace.  I was browsing a guide book last night and it did look very expensive indeed!

      I really don’t know why conference managers don’t ‘get’ Twitter fundamentals. It isn’t for lack of trying as in many cases, one can try to influence things behind the scenes, but intransigence and politics do seem to play a big part in European meetings.  Given so few people are tweeting from them, one could almost use your preferred hashtag instead!

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