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One of the key things that drives drug development and R&D is hope.

Photo Credit: Harry Willis

Hope for better drugs, hope for new targeted therapies that make a real difference to the lives of people, hope for more gentle therapies that increase survival, hope for longer remissions… and so on.

One thing that is rarely talked about or discussed, however, is palliative care and end of life decisions.  Sometimes the best option is no further treatment.  These, sadly and inevitably, come too especially in patients with incurable or metastatic disease. Those ‘the time has come’ moments are rightly mostly private affairs for families and close friends.

And yet they matter, or should do, because it is the very essence of humanity at these times that sets Mankind apart.

Please take a just few moments to read my friend Jody Schoger’s beautiful post.

I promise you – it will change your day.


Photo Credit: Harry Willis via Flickr

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  1. Jody Schoger

    Thank you, Sally.  Your commitment and dedication are second to none. I’m honored to have you as a friend and I’m grateful for the patient way you translate complex scientific studies into readable English.  That’s a gift.

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