“You no longer need to sit through a chicken dinner to watch top oncology researchers run through slides on what’s new and exciting.

This non-small cell lung cancer edition of the Cancer Educators Slide Library allows you to take your iPad to the backyard, sit down in the sunset breeze and watch Drs John Heymach, Tom Lynch, Vince Miller, Tony Mok and course director Dr Roman Perez-Soler spin an amazing decade-long tale of research innovation and discovery that has fundamentally changed clinical practice.”

Amusing openings in emails always grab my attention!

Actually, the program on advances in lung cancer from Research to Practice is well worth watching if you have the time.  I haven’t attended any of their live CME meetings at conferences, but this online one is nicely put together and the slides do look very nice indeed on the iPad.

Check it out if interested in the new developments in lung cancer.