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One of the cool things about using social media sites such as Twitter is the myriad of interesting links on science and cancer related topics that fly by my stream every day.  Clearly, the sheer volume means that you can't track them all or even read half of them, but maybe you can capture and search them later.

Well, that was my simple thinking at least and the reason I connected the tool to Twitter and Delicious yesterday, thinking that would be a simple and neat solution (HT to William Gunn for the idea):

Picture 21


The absolute last thing you need when you or a family member is seriously ill with cancer is an illegal scam from snake oil salesmen.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
has charged five companies with making false and misleading claims for
cancer cures and said yesterday that it has reached settlements with several others.  In their press release, the five companies being sued for false and
deceptive advertising will go before administrative law judges and included the following:

Omega Supply

Native Essence Herb Company

Daniel Chapter One


Herbs For Cancer

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