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Last night many people in the NY-NJ-CT region missed the Oscars beamed from the Academy Awards after an argument over money between CableVision and ABC.  If a Biotech company and their big Pharma partner has a spat, it is rarely as public or has as much impact as TV deals do, but the shock waves can certainly be felt through the investor community every time a high profile predatory shareholder such as Carl Icahn gets their teeth into a biotech such as Genzyme or Biogen IDEC.

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Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a truly nasty disease and one I hope never to have the misfortune to be diagnosed with.

Last month, at the Chemotherapy Foundation in New York, Dr Norman Wolmark gave an entertaining lecture on what he called the "Decade of Discontent" in colorectal cancer, a bleak period where no new therapies or stunning ideas emerged and the researchers bogged themselves in answering minutiae rather than focusing on the bigger picture. 

He could well have been describing AML.


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