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What’s hot at the 2011 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium?

There is a lot of exciting data coming out at SABCS 2011 over the next three days, including the BOLERO2, CLEOPATRA and NEOSPHERE clinical trial data.

I previously wrote about the exciting BOLERO2 results that were presented at the European Multidisciplinary Cancer Conference (ECCO/ESMO 2011) in Stockholm in September. More data is expected at SABCS to coincide with a publication in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

The following video outlines some of the data that I think is hot at SABCS and why it’s worth watching out for. I will be writing more about it as it’s presented.


Greetings from the frigid cold of Texas Hill Country! It’s 38F and a little nippy here at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS), brrrr! Later this morning, I will be recording my premeeting video but the outdoor Riverwalk filming has been sadly cancelled due to the inclement weather. However, I will post a synopsis of my hot topics and main highlights that I plan to be covering at this event.

Yesterday’s news from the AZURE trial at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium generated a lot of buzz.  I posted the data after the press briefing in the afternoon here but have received a lot of questions from people confused by the press coverage of the data.  To be fair, the physician presenting the data, Dr Robert Coleman, didn’t help matters by stating:

“Clearly our results are very different from those published by the ABCSG investigators”

when referring to the previous study published in the NEJM in February last year, without elaborating clearly on the differences.  Dr Coleman also stated that it was “a negative trial”.


Sadly, a nasty ear infection has grounded me and I’m unable to attend the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium after all :(.

However, I’m aggregating the Tweet commentary from the various attendees and will be following remotely in the back channel.  Various breast cancer specialists such as enthusiastic and enigmatic Dr Naoto Ueno will be tweeting live, so it should be a good meeting!  Today is mostly the education symposia.

You can see all the tweets, posts and comments from the meeting in the widget below:

By popular request, we are now rolling out the PSB conference newsletter.

This will be an occasional event that will be sent out after some scientific meetings we’ve attended.  They will contain snippets and summaries of data or new drug classes that we found interesting and worth highlighting and will be an adjunct to the blog, so you won’t get the same things twice 🙂

The first one will roll out by the end of this week and cover last week’s meeting from AACR on colorectal cancer biology.

You can sign up in the side bar on the top right —->

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