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"When you do smaller to mid-sized deals, it is easier to search, complete a deal, and then hand it over to your line management and move on to the next deal.  It’s when you do a big deal that the whole company gets bogged down in deciding whose e-mail system you’re going to use or where headquarters are going to be."

Chris Viehbacher, sanofi-aventis

Source: Bloomberg

This afternoon I was catching up on the Pharma news after driving back from the ePharma conference in Philadelphia and racing the snowstorm home and the quote caught my eye.

Earlier this month I came across a thoughtful blog post from Tim O'Reilly entitled "Work on stuff that matters: first principles" and it has been making me think ever since.  Image representing Tim O'Reilly as depicted in...Image by

Tim O’Reilly / Flickr

via CrunchBaseO'Reilly outlined three important things and I highly recommend reading his post:

1) Work on something that matters to you more than money.
2) Create more value than you capture.
3) Take the long view.

If we apply those simple parameters to the Wy-Pfi merger announced this morning, I'm left with a big feeling of FAIL on all three, it's like the city public internet router going down and hearing the wails of a thousand lost souls.

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The news wires, Twitter and emails were all a-flutter this morning with the big announcement that Pfizer are buying Wyeth after agreeing a deal yesterday.  The announcement in the WSJ this morning summarises the position admirably when they quoted Tim Anderson of Sanford Bernstein:

“While a WYE acquisition would help sooth the painful period that lay ahead of the company, it will only be a partial salve.”

The NYT got a little excited and opined on the mega deal

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