After the recent euphoria of making it onto Alltop, this week I found out that the blog has made the latest round of 9rules, an independent website for cool and well written web content. 


I applied last November for the first time and having checked out the
Round 7 winners afterwards, I really wasn't expecting to get in and considered it
a very long shot indeed especially for a site that is essentially a specialist niche within a niche.  Imagine my surprise when I find out this blog made it
onto the list, especially while recovering from flu and a nasty cold!  Hopefully, it will end up in the science section soon.  But, hey I'm certainly looking forward to finding and reading some new blogs for my Google Reader myself.
  It's great fun learning from smart people, it's the fastest way I learn new things.

Check out the 9rules link above for yourself and see if any of the blogs listed take your fancy, there certainly were some superb ones in the list.  Mine must have been the ringer ;-), but seriously, it's a great site with some excellent content in all sorts of categories.