It's that time of year… I'll be live tweeting snippets from different sessions at the annual AACR meeting in Denver, CO using the #AACR code. You can follow the summary easily in the widget below or type #AACR in Twitter search.

The topics covered will range from the science and biology of cancer to updates on new drug developments and pipeline data in early phase development.

Please do join in if you are at the meeting and use #AACR so the tweets show up in the stream.

You can also participate remotely by tweeting questions or comments and including #AACR at the end of the tweet to make it easy to pick up and answer.
Some of those attending include Dr Maureen Hoatlin from OHSU (
@hoatlinlabs), the AACR organisers (@AACR), the AACR President Dr Raymond DuBois (@rndubois)

If you're tweeting from the event do add your Twitter handle in the comment section underneath this post and perhaps we can all connect more easily 🙂

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