Twitter is turning out to be a fantastic resource for science and oncology information, if you follow the right people.

@jackmctique sent me this link to a video about how human embryonic stem cells (hESC) could kill cancer cells in a variety of mouse models. I was awestruck. This is the sort of exciting news you live to hear about as a life scientist.

Check out the simple video for yourself – it's exceedingly easy to follow:

@alexey will be delighted to hear that this vignette has motivated me to research the topic more and is overcoming some of my slight scepticism about whether cell therapies will have any practical utility in cancer treatments.
I'm sure there is some other useful stuff out there on this topic, so time to do some research when I have a few spare moments. 

I'm now wondering how long it will be before we some of this new technology reach the clinic?

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