I'm a voracious reader of books, magazines and RSS feeds, learning is just great fun.  Aside from Sporting News and USA Sports Weekly (for my fantasy baseball and football teams, you understand), here's an eclectic selection of things I'm currently reading:

  • Three rules for these times (Harvard Business)
  • Aberrant miR-182 expression promotes melanoma metastasis by repressing FOXO3 and microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (PNAS)
  • Start-up Strategy: To Change the Game, Change the Economics of How It’s Played (Tim Ferriss 4HWW)
  • Twelve Key Steps to Address International Pharmacopeia Harmonization (Laboratory Equipment)
  • The comment Dungeon – warning, amusing!  (Pharnyngula)
  • What should come first, marketing or products (Eric Garland's Competitive Futures)   

I'll write a bit more later about the last one in Pharma and drug development but what are you all reading and why?

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