The day before Thanksgiving, I spent a delightful afternoon here in San Diego with Mary Canady of Conprendia (@comprendia on Twitter). She runs a company specialising in Biotechnology Marketing. The beauty of meeting people like Mary on Twitter is the opportunity the platform offers for impromptu tweetups as you travel the world or even in your local area. Go check her out, she had some cool stuff for bootstrapping your marketing if you’re a small company on a tight budget.

While walking around the park, we came across the botany pavillion. I love these little treasures, there’s always some stunning flora and fauna to photograph, as the picture in this post shows.

Sometimes, we need to remember that for all the noise we make about healthcare and drug development (in any therapy area), it is ultimately the simple things that matter… a shared experience, a photo, an understanding. Listening goes a long way. Yesterday, while visiting the family of @MrGunn for a truly sumptuous Thanksgiving spread, I received a text message from a client. Not work related, but a short message wishing me a happy Thanksgiving. Very touching.

Years ago, when I was a child stuck in a shockingly grey bleak hospital awaiting surgery to remove a tumour, a dear friends Mum waltzed in and presented me with a huge bright purple flower in a pot. It was truly stunning and that simple gesture brightened up the place for everyone no end.

So this Thanksgiving the purple flowers in the botanical garden reminded me to be thankful to be alive 30 years on.

What are you thankful for?

Things to be thankful for