The email and RSS feed for this blog suddenly and inexplicably stopped working on July 20th in a sort of this is the how the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper moment.  Of course it doesn't stop in reality it just feels that way and the world goes on about it's business regardless.  Postings are still occurring, but the remote publication side of things are a little strangled for a bit while this frustrated blogger researches and fixes the problem between Typepad and Feedburner not playing nicely.


image from probably, I will switch platforms and email service because while Google is great for many things, if you have a problem with their services they are frustratingly unhelpful and you're on your own. For now the feed is sadly borked if you were one of the nearly 1400 subscribers reading this by RSS or email and wondering what happened.  My sincere apologies.

Hopefully, the service will be fully functioning again soon, but at least you can still read the blog on the internet… at least the server isn't down.

Sometimes, it is moments of frustration like these when you realise that change can be for the better and a nicer, more effective service or strategy might evolve from a few unexpected teething problems.  I guess research and development and the commercialisation of pipelines can be a bit like that as well as the road to nirvana is never a smooth one.

Carpe Diem sounds a lot more positive than </rant> 🙂


Photo Credit: Joel Bedford


{UPDATE: the TypePad to Feedburner glitch has been fixed and normal email service for subscribers has now been restored. Thank you for your patience.}