One of the nice things about 800 posts is that it becomes a useful database of cancer meetings, clinical papers and general observations.  Sometimes, I remember snippets of things covered at meetings from a year or two ago and find it helpful for jogging my memory about the data or any implications that may have emerged.

The challenge though, has been finding a way to search those posts and find relevant information rather than an unhelpful zero on the return string.

Lijit search worked beautifully on the old host but did not settle down well on the new one, so we tried several others with mixed results.  It drove me potty that searching for scientific terms was so tricky, especially with dashes in words.

Finally, success!  We tried a Google search plugin, it just searches the blog but not the web, for relevant things, like this one on PI3-kinase, which the last two search widgets failed miserably at:

PI3-kinase in cancer

It’s located on the top right hand side of the blog if you ever need to search for various cancer drugs, conferences or pathways.  Let me know what you think.