Memorial Day weekend is traditionally the last weekend before the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting and we will be busy working as usual as part of the last preparations for the event.

Today, I’d to share some interesting blogs that you may not have come across to broaden your reading:

  1. Jody Schoger, a breast cancer survivor wrote a superb post about ‘Anchored activism’ in Oncology Times. She will be writing a regular blog there later this year, she’s a thoughtful and provocative read.
  2. David Sampson, is the Director for Medical & Scientific Communications at the ACS.  He wrote an absolutely fabulous post ‘A Call to Honesty’ explaining why Jody’s thoughts were highly welcomed.
  3. Rich Meyer of World of DTC Marketing posted his weekly round up opinion piece that draws attention to the end of life issues being discussed in Oregon. Now, I don’t always agree with Rich’s opinions, but on this one we both agree we would rather end our lives than suffer chronic unbearable pain from advanced cancer. The story reminded me that I really should think about having a legal document with my own wishes in it.
  4. Dr Matthew Mintz recently wrote a nice overview on the spiralling costs of health care.  This is particularly relevant in cancer, where new high priced treatments offering a few extra months of life seem sadly to be de rigeur these days.

Last, but by no means least, since it is a Holiday weekend – for all of you with iPads do check out what fun you can have with them – not recommended during conference sessions during the odd boring talk ;).  Hat Tip to one of my favourite non medical/pharma/biotech bloggers, Chris Penn, for this one:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and see you all on Tuesday after the break!