ASCO 2012 Annual Meeting ChicagoIt’s been a crazy busy time since the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting earlier this month.

This year’s meeting had a lot of hidden gems in both the tumour oral and poster sessions, which will be covered in a series of blog posts.

One theme that clearly emerged was how much effort is being devoted to identifying the causes of acquired resistance to a variety of TKI single agent therapies in order to determine logical combination strategies for the clinic.

Two areas that stood out for their combined translational-clinical efforts at this years ASCO were advanced lung cancer and metastatic melanoma.

I’m delighted to announce that my first guest blogs are appearing on Chemical and Engineering News this week on these topics.  For those of you interested in advanced melanoma, check back on PSB on Thursday for the link.

The good news is that the lung cancer one has posted today. Some of the topics from ASCO 2012 covered in the post include:

Does a pan-ErbB inhibitor produce better results upfront than chemotherapy?

What new advances are there for patients with KRAS mutations?

How do we overcome ALK resistance?

Does chemotherapy produce better responses than Tarceva for EGFR wild-type in second-line NSCLC?

You can check it out here!