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One of the nicest things about about going to scientific meetings is that you get to meet interesting people.  Instead of swapping cards and going about your way, in the modern world social media allows you to stay in touch more frequently personally while sharing cancer and scientific information over time. The discussions can be very insightful and enriching.

Two recent PhDs from MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC), Drs Angela Alexander and Jeannine Garnett are two of those research scientists I met while at cancer meetings and now keep in touch with – congratulations on your well earned doctorates this summer, ladies!


Gotta love Twitter for finding useful and helpful things that make a difference to scientific research… Last night I saw a tweet from the delightful Tara Yates of AACR:

Tara G Yates, AACR

Yes please!

Whether you are a subscriber or interested in the offer like I was, you can download the AACR app on iTunes.

I couldn’t resist – did it immediately on my iPad and discovered the AACR app was beautiful – well designed UI, nicely integrated and intuitive features, easy to use. The sharp interface looks like this:

AACR iPad App

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